• Railings are a widely used fencing solutions suitable for many applications ranging from a simple boundary demarcation to a security fence in from high specification architechtural designs to residential. There are many types available (bow top and vertical bar being the most popular) in both tubular and solid bar infill, standard and self-adjusting types.
  • Railings create a robust fence, are pleasing in appearance and the range of finishes available means that they can be colour coated to suit most applications – or can be supplied galvanised.
  • From stock, the railings are supplied in standard panel sizes from 1 metre high to 2.4 metre high in all six variants within the range. Corden Perimeter Systems’ Railings are delivered complete with posts and fittings. Gates and raked or curved panels are available to suit all types.

Product Specifications

HeightDiameter of barSize of horizontalSize of Posts
1.01230 x 1050 x 50
1.21230 x 1050 x 50
1.21640 x 1050 x 50
1.51640 x 1050 x 50
1.82050 x 1070 x 70
2.42250 x 1080 x 80