Product Details

Palisade is manufactured in both the standard ‘D’ and ‘W’ profile in a variety of thicknesses. All are available with triple-pointed & splayed, rounded & notched, rounded and pointed tops. Panels are normally supplied loose for assembly on site in bays of 2.75m. Bays can be supplied to site pre-assembled; a fully welded option is also available.

Palisade provides a physical and visible deterrent against intruders. The versatile design can accommodate all site requirements which may include bespoke hole positions, three rails, extensions for barbed wire and extended pales for burying in the ground or concrete sills. Palisade can be powder-coated in virtually any colour.

Triple pointed, single pointed, splayed and rounded or notched and rounded all available.

Specification Chart

HeightPost lengthRail sizePale length
1000mm1450mm40x40mm950mmAvailable to order
1200mm1650mm40x40mm1150mmAvailable to order
1500mm1450mm40x40mm1450mmAvailable to order
2100mm2725mm45x45mm2050mmAvailable to order
2750mm3500mm50x50mm27mmAvailable to order
3000mm3925mm50x50mm2950mmAvailable to order
3600mm4725mm50x50mm3550mmAvailable to order


Pale thickness specification

‘W’ profile2.0mm2.5mm3.0mm
‘D’ profile3.0mm3.5mm4.0mm

Download Datasheet here