Major Wildlife Relocation Project

Wildlife Fencing Case Study

Deep in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, a 2.5 acre piece of land has, over the years, become a haven for an array of wildlife and has effectively halted any kind of growth or development on the former industrial site.
The client Robin Cope, Managing Director of NY Construction Ltd, worked closely with Corden Hardware, the local retailer for this product, where exact specifications for this project were discussed and planned.

The Challenge

The aim of the project was to safely move the wildlife to another, purpose built site in the most cost effective and sympathetic way. The site, which was covered with soft fly ash ground, a soil stabiliser was extremely challenging ground to work on.
“We have used fencing manufactured specifically for wildlife previously but it wasn’t without its problems” commented Robin Cope.

The Solution

Following a site survey, the Ecologist working on this project recommended and specified that chain link fencing was an appropriate product to use for this job.

Following the relocation of the wildlife, almost 15,000 sqm of chain link product was installed at the site, covering the area completely, which would effectively prevent the wildlife from digging their way back into their previous homes.

Deliveries were sent directly to the site with specialist hi-ab equipment, saving both time and money for all parties concerned.

Added Value

The wealth of experience from the Corden Perimeter Systems team along with unrivalled product knowledge enabled them to work with the main contractor to install a viable fencing solution. The supply and install package was delivered on time and within budget.