Local Post Office calls on local suppliers

Post Office, Calverton

Based in a Nottinghamshire village, Calverton Post Office called on their local fencing specialists when they needed to improve accessibility to their busy store.
Calverton is luckier than most rural UK villages because it can still boast a successful and very busy Post Office, serving villagers and those who travel from other villages in the area. The Post Office has been around for many years and to move with the times they are always making continuous improvements to both the service and the shop.

The Challenge

The Post Office was required to improve accessibility for wheelchair users and also people with prams and small children. The Post Office had a ramp installed which required a handrail safety barrier. The main challenge was to create a handrail system that was cost effective and easy to install, therefore Corden Perimeter Systems worked with the client to provide:

  • Easy to install system.
  • Cost effective and permanent.
  • Handrail that wouldn’t rust or need regular maintenance.
  • Secure barrier for all users.
  • Suitable for the concrete ramp.

The Solution

Following a survey of the plans for the concrete ramp at the Post Office, Corden Perimeter Systems recommended a tube clamp system that they have supplied on a number of occasions.
The recommended tube clamp handrail systems offer a number of benefits that were suitable for the requirements of the client.

These benefits include:

  • No welding, bending or threading required – all that is required is an Allen key to tighten the set screws.
  • Galvanised finish to prevent rusting.
  • Strong joints that would withstand years of customer use.
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish that compliments the Post Office frontage.

Since installation the handrail has been very well received by all customers of Calverton Post Office. It was an attractive, competitively priced product that suited the requirements of the client.

Added Value

The wealth of experience from the Corden Perimeter Systems team, along with unrivalled product knowledge, enabled them to work with their client to install a secure and cost effective and secure handrail solution. The products were delivered on time and within budget.