Superlock Latch Deadlock

Product Description

The slim Superlock latch deadlock is perfect for fitting to box section metal gate frames. Simply bolt the lock onto the gate frame and adjust the latchbolt to suit your gate.

Key Features

  • Easy to fit – Slim 70mm case designed to fit a wide range of gate applications
  • Secure – Stainless steel latchbolt which latches 15mm into the gate post and then moves another 15mm when deadlocked (30mm total deadlocked length)
  • Adaptable – Latchbolt can be adjusted for different box section size and rotated to suit left or right hand gates
  • Reliable – Supplied with a guide plate with brass bearing to ensure the lock lasts!
  • Available in two sizes – BLD1030 for 10 to 30mm flat bar or box section gate frames and BLD4060 for 40 to 60mm gate frames
  • Supplied with handles – Two styles available a plain lever style (AH) or a more tradtional looking handle (TDH)
  • Gate post strike plate supplied for smooth latching action

Product Options

  • BLD1030S – For 10-30mm gate frames with standard lever handles
  • BLD1030T – For 10-30mm gate frames with traditional handles
  • BLD4060S – For 40-60mm gate frames with standard lever handles
  • BLD4060T – For 40-60mm gate frames with traditional handles




  1. Drill 2 x 9mm holes at 140mm centres for fixing bolts provided.
  2.  Drill a second 18mm clearance hole for the latchbolt at 60mm centres up from the bottom fixing hole.
  3.  Hold the lock against the back of the box section and screw the latchbolt through the bottom 18mm hole.
  4.  Lock the latchbolt and deadbolt with the hex key supplied by inserting the hex key into the end of the latchbolt and the deadbolt.
  5.  Fix lock in place using the stainless steel bolt support plate and the countersunk screws provided. Ensure the latchbolt and deadbolt move freely.
  6.  Fix stike plate by either welding or screw fixing onto the gate post