Woven Mesh Gabion Baskets

Hexagonal woven mesh gabions are manufactured from a mesh that has a hexagonal opening which is formed by twisting pairs of wire together with one and a half turns (sometimes referred to as triple or double twist).



This type of mesh production is continuous. To form panels, the mesh is guillotined across the weave and the cut ends of the wire are wrapped around a heavier wire to form a selvedge end.

This type of mesh is flexible as it can articulate about the twists. It is normally manufactured from a 2.7mm wire diameter for gabions or 2.0mm wire diameter for mattresses. Wire coatings are either galvanised or Galfan coated. For more aggressive environments, an additional organic polymer powder (PVC) coating should be applied to a Galfan coated base wire.

Fabric Type:

Hexagonal woven, double-twist wire mesh

Mesh Aperture:

80mm x x100mm

Tensile Strength (wire):

350 to 550 N/mm²

Available wire thicknesses (Galfan/PVC) – 2.7mm/3.7mm overall

Mesh Aperture – 80x100mm

Standard basket lengths – 1000mm, 1500mm or 2000mm

Standard basket widths – 1000mm

Standard basket heights – 500mm, 1000mm