Welded Mesh PVC Coated Gabion Baskets

Bi-axial welded mesh gabions are manufactured from a square mesh, normally of opening size 75.0mm × 75.0mm where the longitudinal wires are welded to the cross wires at their intersection points.

This type of fabric manufacture produces a dimensionally stable mesh. The mesh is produced in standard sheets which are then cut into the required panel sizes (and partially factory-connected) to form the flat pack unit.



Welded mesh gabions can be readily modified on site by cutting the mesh back to the next transverse mesh wire. Welded mesh gabions are available in a number of wire diameters to suit the application or can be manufactured in a combination of mesh-wire specifications to provide economy in supply. The resultant gabions’ flexibility is dependant upon the choice of wire diameter.

Where two types of stone fill are required, additional loose panels can be supplied and fitted on site to separate the two types of fill materials.

The mesh can be specified as either Galfan coated or Galfan coated with an external organic polymer powder (PVC) coating, as required by design.

Fabric Type:

Bi-axial welded mesh

Tensile Strength (wire):

Welded: 540 to 770 N/mm²

Weld Strength:

75% of the minimum ultimate tensile strength of the wire

Available wire thicknesses (Galfan/PVC) – 2.7mm/3.2mm overall, 3.8mm/4.3mm overall
Mesh Aperture – 75x75mm
Standard basket lengths – 975mm, 1500mm or 2025mm
Standard basket widths – 450mm, 675mm, 975mm, 1350mm, 1500mm, 1650mm
Standard basket heights – 300mm, 450mm, 975mm

Bespoke Sizes Available.