Fencing Wire


Product Details

Fencing Wire is supplied in a wide range of diameters and coil weights. In addition to the standard galvanized mild steel, Corden Perimeter Systems also stock black annealed, PVC coated and galvanized high tensile fencing wires.

Fencing wires are often used as toppings to other fences, line wires, tying wire or as a fence on its own, usually with dropper bars and clips or as an electric fence using high tensile or standard wire.

Product Specifications

Mild SteelSWG25gs10kgs5kgs0.5kgs
4.0 mm8g**
3.15 mm10g***
2.5 mm12g****
2.0 mm14g****
1.6 mm16g****
1.25 mm18g****
1.00 mm19g***
0.9 mm20g*
0.71 mm22g*