Deep in the Nottinghamshire Countryside…

Center Parcs – Sherwood Forest

Deep in the Nottinghamshire countryside, Sherwood Forest sits in 400 acres of magnificent pine forest which celebrates nature. There’s an invigorating mix of woodland and lakeside, the perfect setting for exploring, relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family.
Corden Perimeter Systems worked closely with their customer Andy Ward, who is a fencing contractor from Blidworth and is responsible for the maintenance of Centre Parcs at Sherwood Forest. Andy Ward has a varied role with the leisure park which can include erecting large wooden playhouses for Father Christmas in Winter, to advising and installing fencing products to secure the entire site all year round.

The Challenge

Although a very popular tourist destination, Centre Parcs at Sherwood Forest had a growing problem with break-in theft, particularly bicycles, from their site. The park covers a vast area and maintaining the perimeter was becoming a full time role.
Following a site visit by a representative from Corden Perimeter Systems, it was clear that the chain link fencing that had been installed many years ago, was not capable of keeping the site secure from intruders. It was also discovered that many areas of the surrounding boundary had not been fenced off at all.
The site covered around 400 acres of natural woodland and included a number of areas that were difficult to access to install posts underground.

The Solution

Following a site survey it was recognised that there was some difficult ground to cover and the fencing needed to be strong enough to prevent people from breaking the fence or climbing over.
Corden Perimeter Systems recommended that Cordguard 2 metre V Mesh panel system was the right product for this particular application. The Cordguard would be installed in conjunction with the concrete posts and chain link fencing that was already in place, where appropriate.
The panels were attached to the concrete posts in order to minimise costs, but increase security. In the areas where there was no fencing, Corden Perimeter Systems provided a complete Cordguard V Mesh panel system. As an additional safety measure, 18 inch high Cordguard Concertina Razor Wire was installed on top of the fencing panels.
Since the additional security fencing was installed, there have been no further security incidents.

Added Value

The wealth of experience from the Corden Perimeter Systems team along with unrivalled product knowledge enabled them to work with the main contractor to install a secure and cost effective fencing solution. The supply and install package was delivered on time and within budget.