Cordguard Anti Climb


Product Description
The Cordguard rotating anti-climb system refers to the spurs, shaft and Flush-Fit Connector™ and excludes any other connections, support brackets and fixings as these depend entirely on the particular installation.

For maximum security we recommend that you install using 14 spurs per metre. Do not accept less. With systems that only offer 13 spurs per metre over a 2m span, the spurs can be bunched up to create a gap of approximately 150mm. This is enough of a gap for intruders to gain a secure handhold and make it easier for them to scale the barrier.

As the system is manufactured from an aluminium alloy, they will never rust. It does not matter how aggressive or polluted the environment. This makes it the perfect choice in any situation including urban, coastal and industrial locations.

Due to the rotating action of TruGuard it is classed as a non aggressive anti climb system. The spurs are designed to rotate around the central shaft when an intruder attempts to climb over it. This rotating action prevents them from gaining a stable handhold or platform.

As a non aggressive system it is suitable for use in locations where wall spikes, broken glass, barbed/razor wire and spiked rotating systems are illegal.

Although it is classed as a non aggressive anti climb system, it is exactly the aggressive appearance that deters potential intruders in the first instance to prevent any attempt to access your premises.

It is available polyester powder coated to any standard RAL colour, in stainless steel and also mirror finished stainless steel.