Rotating Anti-climb Guard Alley Bracket



The Rotating Anti-climb Alley Bracket is designed specifically to be fixed to the wall of a building to form an end fixing for the Central Shaft.

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel box section and is galvanised after manufacture to provide weather protection for up to 25 years.

This bracket provides the ideal fixing for the end of a Vandgard or Roller Barrier Rotating Anti-climb Barrier shaft and is often used to secure each end of the barrier when installed in an alleyway between two buildings for instance.

The Alleyway Bracket is supplied with two masonry bolts which are used to secure it to the wall through the fixing slots in the rear of the bracket. Also supplied are a hex head bolt and security shear-nut which are used to secure the central shaft in place.

The Central Shaft drops into the slot at the front of the bracket and is secured in position by a hex bolt and security shear nut which fit through the the sidewalls of the bracket. When installed, the hex bolt is positioned just above the top of the resting Vandgard shaft, preventing the shaft from being lifted out of the bracket (if preferred, the shaft can of course be cross drilled and secured to the bracket with the hex bolt and shear nut).