Roller Barrier Roller Cups


Colour Options

Manufactured to be unbreakable, fire protected and UV stabilised, you can rely on Roller Cups to deliver a long and maintenance free operational life.
Roller Barrier Roller Cups (sometimes called Roller Barrier Tumblers or Roller Barrier Spinners) are manufactured from virtually indestructible polycarbonate material, making them a great choice for an anti-climb system.

Design and Manufacture
With a diameter of 112mm, Roller Barrier Cups are intentionally too large for anyone to get a hand grip around.

When threaded onto a central shaft, the independently rotating Cups which are just 100mm long and ungrippable, due to their large diameter, form an unstable barrier which is key to the effectiveness of this non-aggressive anti-climb spinner device.

During the high pressure, high temperature, manufacturing moulding process, special additives combine with the polycarbonate material to provide effective, robust long-lasting Roller Cups.

Among the many special additives, is one designed to enhance UV protection to the “Tropical Standard”, ensuring a long operational life of the Cups, even where installed in hot or challenging environments.

While another of the additives enhances the self-extinguishing properties of the Cups, providing protection against flame attack.

Standard Roller Cups are black, but coloured Cups, including green or white, are also normally available from stock for a small price supplement.

We can also manufacture bespoke colour Roller Cups in any standard RAL colour, subject to a price supplement and minimum order quantity of 1,000 Cups. Please contact us for details of bespoke colours.

The Central Shaft onto which the Roller Cups are threaded are also available as a separate 2 metre long component.

Primary Material: High Quality Polycarbonate.

Cup Length: 100mm (10 Cups required per installed metre of barrier).
Cup Diameter: 112mm (too large to get a hand grip on).