Roller Barrier Cranked Bracket


Bespoke Options

The Cranked Bracket is great for fixing Roller barrier to buildings, perimeter walls, fences or other structures.

It is one of our stock range of brackets, and is manufactured from 6mm steel plate which is galvanised after cutting, punching and forming to offer robust weather protection.

Typical use for these brackets is to mount the Roller Barrier run, along walls, fences or building fascias.

When used to mount Roller Barrier on steel mesh fencing, they are normally used with a bracing plate to form a fence sandwich, with the fence panel sandwiched between the bracket and the bracing plate.

The three fixing hole bracing plate is ideal for use with the Cranked bracket when fence mounting, whilst when mounted on fences, gates or perimeter walls, the brackets can be mounted on either side of the fence/wall structure, and cranked inwards or outwards.

For maximum convenience, the fixing plate section of the bracket, features three 10 x 25mm fixing slots which make 8mm screws or bolts the ideal size fixing.

If fixing to a wall, our Atlas Multi-Purpose Bolts are a favourite choice, whilst if fixing to a mesh fence, an 8mm coach bolt (50mm is normally a good length), used with a security nut such as an anti tamper shear nut is a good solution.

Whilst stock brackets are as described above, we are able to offer various bespoke options to special order, such as double row brackets, manufacturing brackets from Stainless Steel material, overpainting brackets in any standard RAL colour, or designing bespoke brackets to meet specific needs for the installation site.

Please contact us, to discuss any bespoke requirement or if you would like help or guidance with your installation or product choice.