Roller Barrier Bracing Plate 2 – 2 fixing slots



This bracing plate is designed for use with Roller Barrier Straight Twist Brackets, when installing Roller Barrier on a chainlink or steel mesh fence.

It is a stock item manufactured from 4mm steel bar, which features 2 off 10mm x 25mm fixing slots and overall dimensions of 210mm x 40mm. After cutting and punching, the plates are galvanised to offer robust weather protection.

In use the plates are typically used to form a mesh sandwhich, with the bracket mounted on one side of the frence mesh and the bracing plate positioned on the other side, with the mesh supported in between. The Plate, mesh and bracket are secured together with a suitable nut and bolt, such as an M8 Coach Bolt (50mm is a popular bolt length), with an anti-tamper shear nut.