Roller Barrier


Roller Barrier Non Aggressive Anti Climb System

Protect your property from intruders and climbers without risk of causing injury.

Even with warning signs displayed there is the possibility of expensive ‘no win no fee’ compensation claims if someone is injured on a spiked anti climb barrier on a wall, fence or elsewhere. If there is the chance that a child might climb your walls, fences, onto flat roofs or equipment housings then you need Roller Barrier to safely protect your property without risk of injury.

Designed and manufactured by Insight Security, our Roller Barrier anti climb system provides robust protection and security without risk of harm.

Easy Installation

The simplicity of the robust Roller Barrier design makes it easy to install in most situations, either at build time or retrospectively to existing structures. For example, Roller Barrier is an ideal anti climb fence topper for security and can be readily installed as a replacement for aggressive anti climb fence spikes. Similarly, it makes a great alternative to aggressive anti climb wall spikes. And Roller Barrier has been effectively deployed in many situations where it’s now protecting flat roof spaces from unwelcome climbers.

Bespoke, Custom Options

Bespoke Roller Barrier Cups can be manufactured in any standard RAL colour (subject to a minimum order quantity of 1000 cups) enabling the anti climb device to match a properties aesthetics and blend unobtrusively with existing architecture. We are always happy to work with clients who need a fence climbing deterrent or bespoke anti climb roller barrier solution to safely protect both outdoor and indoor structures.