C8/80/15 – Stock Fence


Product Description
C8/80/15 is the most commonly used mild steel stock fence. Mild steel does not need to be strained as tightly as the high tensile variant and gradual turns can be made of intermediate posts. This is particularly useful if you need to make a lot of turns in your fence. Suitable for all livestock including sheep and cattle.


No. of Line Wires8
Overall Height (cm)80
Distance between stay wires (cm)15
Top & bottom line wire speciication3mm dia – 695-850 N/mm22
Intermediate line wire speciication2.5mm dia – 695-850 N/mm2
Vertical stay wire speciication2.5mm dia – 695-850 N/mm2
Average Weight per 50 Metre Roll (kg)32.05
Material CompositionHeavily galvanised steel wire

Installation Guidelines

A straining post is required at every major change in direction or any termination and should be supported by a strut or box assembly. Netting should be tied off on the straining posts by hand or with suitable joiners. When tensioning the fence the ‘crimp’ in the net should be reduced by approx: 50%. Avoid driving staples tight against the wire as this will damage the galvanised coating. Two strands of barbed wire or a single electrified wire can be added to the top of the fence

Compliance with British and European Standards

BSEN 10218 – Steel Wire and Wire Products part 2 – General Wire Dimensions and Tolerances. BSEN 10223 – Steel Wire and Wire Products for Fencing and Netting part 5 – Steel Wire Woven Hinged Joint and Knotted Mesh Fencing. BSEN 10244 – Steel Wire and Wire Products Non-ferrous Metallic Coatings on Steel Wire part 2 – Zinc or Zinc Alloy Coatings (all Tornado products galvanised to class A).