29-acre Lake ‘Otter-Proof’ fencing

Trent View Carp Fishery

Handy Carp Fisheries have a reputation for breeding and supplying high quality fish for use in fishing lakes and ponds. The company have recently acquired Trent View Carp Fishery, a new lake that will be opened in October 2015. Fishery management is an industry that requires a lot of specialist knowledge providing a safe breeding environment free from predators, parasites and pathogens.
Fisheries throughout the UK have been stocked by Handy Carp including some of the country’s leading carp syndicates, water clubs and day ticket venues. This growing reputation has also meant that the company has needed to find new premises and their most recent acquisition is an ex-gravel pit in Nottinghamshire covering 29-acres.

The Challenge

Keeping a 29-acre lake full of healthy new carp safe from predators is a real challenge, especially when those predators are a protected species. That was the challenge laid down by Handy Carp Fisheries. Hundreds of carp were due to be put into the Nottinghamshire lake and it would only be a matter of time before the local community of otters would find them and devastate the stocks.
Working closely with the owners of the lake and a local fencing contractor, Corden Perimeter Systems carried out a site survey which revealed that the two main issues were the size of the lake’s perimeter and the fact that it was an ex-gravel pit, making the ground un-even and overgrown.

The Solution

Following a site visit it was established that the site didn’t need fencing above 6ft in height but it needed to be as close to the ground as possible. Corden Perimeter Systems sourced and supplied a specially designed light weight, high tensile net made specifically to deter otters.
The installation took place over a few days and the fencing contractor used a front mounted wire dispenser attached to a tractor to enable the bulky 164kgs, 1.8m high fencing to be installed much more efficiently.
The client had explored many options when looking for a solution and they are delighted that the product and quality of installation has met their high expectations.

Added Value

The wealth of experience from the Corden Perimeter Systems team along with unrivalled product knowledge enabled them to work with the main contractor to install a viable fencing solution. The supply and install package was delivered on time and within budget.